5 Tips for Taking Better Photos on Vacation

Summer is almost here, and I know I’m ready to head off for a vacation! Traveling with your family provides so many precious memories so I thought a blog post about taking photos on your trip was in order. So here are 5 tips for taking better photos on your vacation.

  1. Choose a beautiful setting. This may seem obvious but think about somewhere with minimal distractions in the background which will allow your subject to be the focus. If you’re going to the beach this is an easy one, always a beautiful backdrop available. If you’re going to a city or somewhere with not such an obvious place do some research before you leave. 
  2. Timing can be everything. Golden hour, the hour right before sunset is always ideal for photos. The sun is low on the horizon and provides beautiful light. I know sometimes with kids this can be hard because it’s so close to bedtime, but its worth it if you can make it work.
  3. Arrive early to beat the crowds. This might depend on where you are going, but earlier in the morning may mean less people in your background. For example if you are going to Disney World and want the popular castle shot, try making an earlier breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table, you can get into the Magic Kingdom before everyone else and have your photos taken without a ton of other people in your images.
  4. Get in the shot. I have to constantly remind myself of this one because I am always behind the lens. I don’t want to get back from a trip and look at the photos and think, where was I? I want my kids to have tangible proof of me and the things we did together on vacation. 
  5. Just follow them. Let’s be honest sometimes kids just don’t want to be photographed. If you happen to be in that perfect place for photos just let them play and have fun. Keep snapping and don’t make such a big deal about the photos. You might not get the exact pose you want of them smiling directly at the camera, but sometimes the candids turn out to be the best ones. 
  6. Bonus tip: Put the camera down! This may seem counter productive to taking a good picture, but  sometimes just being in the moment is so important. Make those memories with your kids, this is a good reminder for me too!

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