I’ve been thinking a lot about changes recently. Changes since school is starting back, the return of schedules and more structure. Our kids are constantly changing into new seasons. This is Chloe’s last year of preschool then she’s off to kindergarten. My Facebook feed is full of parents sending their kiddos off to kindergarten, I keep thinking this will be us next year. And it’s a happy thing, it’s a new chapter, a new beginning and it’s wonderful. I know she’ll be ready but it such a change!

For me personally, I’ve started a new change too. This business! It’s been so refreshing to step out and try something new. I’ve loved it so far. But with it has come some changes. It’s the first fall in five years that I’ve had to check my schedule to see if I’m working before scheduling a family outing. It’s exciting to have photo shoots and things going on with the business, so it’s a welcome change. But it’s just different!

Changes are such apart of life, but especially when it comes to parenthood. Helping our kiddos be ready to face them and preparing ourselves as well. It’s never ending, and once I feel like I’ve figured things out it changes again.

This is my last year with Luke at home full time! Next year he’ll be off to preschool. Then my daily schedule really will change, it will be bittersweet.

I’m thankful I took the chance on starting this photography business and for the gift of motherhood. I know both will continue to change and grow as time passes. But for now I’m going to enjoy this last year of Chloe in preschool and Luke being home. Those big changes ahead can wait just a bit, and this momma is gonna embrace today.

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