End of Kindergarten thoughts

How is it almost the end of Kindergarten for Chloe? I feel like I was just putting her on the bus back in September as I held back tears! It’s been such a year of growth for her! She has thrived not only academically, but also in independence and as a kind and loving friend.

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I was on cafeteria duty last week when her teacher pulled me aside and told me she had won the outstanding fox award for her class! Each grading period the class votes for a student who is kind, friendly and overall a good friend to everyone. Her class had voted for her! My momma heart was so full!

Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about this past year for Chloe and this quote comes to mind:

“you do not eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed.”

In motherhood we are constantly planting seeds and nurturing them. Chloe has thrived in Kindergarten this year, but there were many years of planting seeds before. The years of sleepless nights, struggling with potty training, and following through on consequences. Being involved in our church community and preschool has definitely helped as well.

I share all this as a reminder. If you are in the trenches of motherhood, and in the planting seed stage and haven’t seen any fruit yet, don’t give up! It is coming! I promise, if you continue to nurture those seeds fruit will come. I am by no means done. I am just getting starting, but seeing the little fruits helps to keep going.

I know you love your kids fiercely mamas! Keep planting the seeds and the fruit will come!

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