Luke is 3!

I can’t believe this Friday my baby boy is going to be 3! Although, if I called him a baby he would promptly say “No! I’m a big boy!” But, it’s been 3 years since Luke completed our family so I wanted to share some portraits I took of him recently. He’s wearing his dinosaur pajamas because that’s what he wanted, it was cold so I said okay, and they captured his personality perfectly anyways.

I wanted some of him in his crib, because I know this time next year he will be in a big boy bed. I asked him if he wanted a big bed and he said he liked his crib! He sleeps great in there still so I’m in no rush to change it.

This boy always has his blanket with him, it’s definitely his favorite! He also loves his cars, dinosaurs and Mickey Mouse. Chloe is still his favorite playmate, but he has made lots of new friends when he started preschool last fall. He has quite the vocabulary and social skills, he is such a friendly and lovable little boy. Happy Birthday, Luke, I love you!!!

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