Stop taking so many pictures!

I know this is probably NOT the advice you would expect your photographer to give, but hear me out! I love taking pictures of my children, and documenting our days and fun times. But, sometimes it becomes so much that we miss out on the actual moments with our children. This generation is the most photographed ever, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming.

When I try to limit the amount of pictures I take it makes me more intentional. When I am more intentional instead of just snapping away, the pictures are more beautiful. I look for moments that stand out instead of just every single moment.

Also, my children don’t always want a camera on them. I had my camera out for less than 5 minutes to take these pictures of them painting rocks. They smiled some and then Chloe said “I’m done!” I used to keep asking for more and try to keep going until I realized they would shut down. Who wants pictures of a frowning child? When it comes to my children’s pictures at home, I get what I can get and then it’s done. Most of the time it’s less than ten minutes. Which is fine. I joined them in painting the rocks and just enjoyed being with them!

I know it sounds counter productive to take less pictures if we are trying to remember these precious moments. But, I think when we limit ourselves it makes the ones we do take even better. We aren’t snapping constantly and actually stop to think about what we want to capture. Our children don’t loathe being photographed, and we can be intentional about documenting our days while enjoying them as well.

Want even more tips for taking pictures of your children? Grab my guide here!! A Simple Guide to Photographing your Kids

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