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I know when it comes time to decide what your family will wear for your photo session it can feel daunting. I get that, so I am sharing my top 5 tips for deciding your family’s wardrobe. I understand that professional photos are an investment, so you don’t want to leave your outfit to chance! The goal is to find something that will make your family feel like their authentic selves, but feels special at the same time. Just follow these 5 tips and your family will look their best on picture day!

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My Tips:

  • Think coordinating over matching. Choose 2 to 3 colors for everyone to have in their outfits, plus a neutral. A darker shade of the same color is an easy way for everyone to coordinate, without looking too much the same. Then just add in a different color for a pop. An example would be light blue, navy blue and then pink for a little pop of color.
  • Add in texture and layers to make it visually interesting. Mix patterns, solids and textures; just think subtle patterns. patterns are great in small doses. This can be done through layering and with accessories as well. Think bigger prints with smaller prints. Mixing in textures also adds interest.
  • Mamas, start with your outfit first! Find something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Then build your family’s outfit around yours.
  • Make sure your clothing is easy to move around in and comfortable. If the kids aren’t happy with what they have on, it will be hard to get good images of them. Make sure they approve their outfits by trying them on before the session.
  • Consider where you want to display your images. How you decorate your home says a lot about you and your style. Pick colors that will coordinate with your home and that specific space, as you will hopefully display your photos on the walls of your home.

Bonus tip! Just be yourself!! You want these images to represent the real you and your family. Choose clothing items that make you feel good and look good. This will ensure authentic images of your family.

I hope this helps as you decide on clothing for your family’s next photo session!

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