York River State Park

This past Sunday we really needed to get away, and out of the house! We headed down to York River State Park for the day. It was the perfect place for social distancing, and we loved our little spot on the beach! We just pretended it was summer, and the kids actually swam in the water, even though it was freezing! It was so good just to forget everything that is going on in the world!

York River state park, richmond va.

These are just pictures from my iPhone, but I still love them. You can always count on sand as a great natural reflector!

york river

Why does Luke look SO big here? He refused to wear his top, and I think it makes him look so much older!

playing at york river state park
york river state park in williamsburg va
york river
family fun york river state park

There were fallen trees all on the beach, which the kids loved to climb on!

york river state park virginia

It definitely felt like summer, until I had to go into the water to rescue Lightning McQueen, my legs were a little numb after that. I love that the kids fully embraced it and didn’t care about the cold water. This day was so good for us at York River State park, we can’t wait to go back again!

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