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I was recently listening to a podcast about creativity and it made me think about in home newborn sessions. While a studio can be nice, I find I’m most creative when I walk into a family’s home. Yes, I don’t have as much control as I would in a studio but thats what I love. I am drawn to the uniqueness that each home brings. So today on the blog I am writing about 3 myths people might believe about in home newborn sessions and why I love them so much!

Myth 1.  A perfect Pinterest worthy nursery is a must! This is probably the most popular myth. I remember being pregnant both times and scrolling through Pinterest and pinning images of beautiful nurseries. I won’t lie, designing Chloe’s nursery was one of my favorite parts of pregnancy! But I definitely don’t believe this is a requirement for beautiful newborn images. While it’s nice to have a beautiful nursery, any space that you’ve brought your baby home from the hospital to is special. All I need to create a beautiful portrait is a window, you and your baby. I promise your love and connection will be the focus of your portraits anyways.

Myth 2. The siblings have to follow every request for a perfectly posed image. Sibling shots are my favorite. There is nothing sweeter than your first baby meeting your new baby! But it’s also new and a huge adjustment for the big sister or brother. They may not want to kiss their new sibling or give them a hug and that’s okay. We can always come back to a certain prompt, or try something else. Some of my favorite sibling shots are the candid ones when the older sibling came to the new baby all on their own. Another benefit about in home newborn sessions are the siblings are comfortable and more at ease there. We can complete all the must have images with them at the start, then they can be done, instead of waiting to leave the studio.

Myth3. Your entire home has to be clean and spotless! Many times when I walk into a home for a newborn session, or really any family session at home, the mom will make a comment about her messy home. Of course it’s messy, you just had a baby! Where ever we take pictures I can help clear off tables or clutter and I’m also a pro at cropping out distractions.  Wherever your home is, it’s the start of your baby’s journey and your family’s story. It’s special and I promise when you look back on your images you won’t think about having the right lamp or painting on the wall, you’ll just remember the love you shared for each other.

I truly believe at home newborn sessions are so special and unique. What could be a chaotic stressful morning trying to get out of the house, is instead a quiet time together when a photographer comes to capture an irreplaceable season of life. Whether it’s your forever home or right now home, it’s the place you brought your baby to, and that’s worth remembering forever through beautiful images.

Some of my favorite at home newborn sessions:

Isla Newborn

Micah Newborn Session

Louis Newborn Session


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