3 Unexpected Things In 2020

I thought a lot about what I wanted 2020 to look like for my business. Honestly, it didn’t go that way at all! I had goals that didn’t happen, ways in which I thought I would grow, and thanks to the pandemic, that didn’t happen. I’m looking directly at you fresh 48 sessions!! I didn’t expect to loose so much childcare either. But, considering how much my daily routine changed because of the corona virus I can still look back and be extremely grateful for all the good that came out of 2020. So here’s my recap about 3 unexpected things that happened for Jenny White Photography in 2020!

2020 Jenny White Photography recap
  1. I knew I would start 2020 doing mentoring with the amazing Amanda Hedgepeth, but I had no idea I would actually get to meet her! I’m SO happy this workshop happened one month before the pandemic started. Me and Clarke went away for the weekend and it was so nice. I gained so much confidence in myself from working with her.
  2. I knew I would do more newborn sessions, but I had no idea I would do them outdoors. I wanted to focus on doing more fresh 48 sessions. I love that special first few days in the hospital with your new baby. But, with visitors not being allowed I had to pivot. I had clients who wanted outdoor newborn sessions, and I instantly fell in love!
  3. I knew I would be editing, but I had no idea I would do so much editing for others. This fall I helped with preschool pictures for Ginny O, editing all the images was a big task, but I loved it! I also edited for others and it was fun to take “virtual trips” to so many different places.

I know 2020 wasn’t the year a lot of us had planned. But, I still grew as a photographer and business owner. I’m still proud of myself for running this business with very little childcare. I’m proud of myself for trying new things. I can’t wait for 2021. I’m not really sure what to expect, but after this year, I know it will be great!

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