3 Years In…

Today marks 3 years since I officially started Jenny White Photography!!! I am so thankful I took the leap of faith and decided to become a photographer. From buying my first camera to many special milestones captured, I am so thankful. This past year has looked a little different, and here are 2 takeaways I want to always remember. I could talk about growth, sessions booked or followers on Instagram. But, these 2 takeaways will always be THE most important!

  1. I have learned so much from my mentor, Amanda Hedgepeth. She has given me the confidence to really step into my role of being a photographer. I did mentoring with her this past winter, and her in person workshop in February. I know because my business was set up right and I had the right mindset, when the Covid crisis hit in March I was able to keep going, despite both my kids being home. The foundation I have laid for my business is something I will never regret investing in because even now, with the kids home, I KNOW I can run this business successfully. That confidence is so important to me!
  2. My most recent and probably THE most important: Sometimes pictures might become an even more special way for families to remember. My sweet friends, this family I have done many sessions with over the past 3 years recently experienced a loss. I was so happy I got to document them during a front porch session recently, because less than 2 months later their dad/ husband passed away. This touches me to my core because this is why I do what I do. Those memories are SO important, and I love knowing I got to document a piece of his life for his precious kids. I hope they look back at their images and not only love them for years to come, but also see their father’s love for them, even if he isn’t physically here with them anymore.

I know pictures are our one way ticket back to that moment in time. I will always LOVE this job because of that!! I remember being so afraid 3 years ago, but I have loved every step of this journey so far. Happy anniversary Jenny White Photography!!!


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